Illustration Workshop “Geometrical Characterization” to be Held by Philip Giordano

2017-12-07 10:01

As a collaboration between Iran Cultural Fairs Institute and Iranian Illustrators Society, a workshop under the title “Geometrical Characterization” as well as the Fourth Workshop and Contest of Creating Illustrated Books will be held attended by Italian Illustrator, Philip Giordano. 
According to a report by the Public Relations Department of the ICFI, this workshop will be held for twenty illustrators in order to instruct them with a special genre of illustration based on the personal styles of the illustrator. The workshop will be held in the place of Iran Cultural Fairs Institute and Iranian on Dec. 7 and 8, 2017. 
Born in Italy and living in Japan, Philip Giordano is a universally renowned illustrator in the field of books, magazines. animation, and toys. His many books have been published in various languages by publishers from all over the world. In the past yeas, Giordano has won lots of trophies among which are the Silver Medallion of the American Illustrator Society (2014), the International Illustration Award from the Bologna Book Fair (2011), the International Award from the Portuguese Illustration Exhibition (2009) and Figures Futur from France.  
Among other events attended by Giordano in Iran are holding a workshop with illustrators from Gilan Province in the sideways programmes of the Thirteenth Gilan Province Book Fair, and giving lectures both in the Gilan and Tehran Art Universities. Also the first sessions of the Fourth Workshop and Contest of Creating Illustrated Books will be held in Iran Cultural Fairs Institute (Hall of the Late Ali Ashouri) on Dec. 7, 2017 in 14:30-18:30 and Dec. 8, 2017 in 13:00-16:00 attended by a number of illustrators chosen through a public call.