Achieved by the Participation of Iran in the 69th Frankfurt Book Fair: Signing of 159 Right Selling Contracts and 66 Preliminary Agreements

2017-11-08 11:29

According to a report by the Public Relations Department of Iran Cultural Fairs Institute, the 69th Frankfurt Book Fair was held from Oct. 11 to 15, 2017. Islamic Republic of Iran participated in both General and Children sections. In this edition of the book fair, 159 contracts were finalized and drafts of another 66 were signed as well. Given the continuous interactions between the Iranian publishers and their foreigner counterparts, more contracts will be added to the above. Based on this report, the initial stats of the contracts and agreements signed between the Iranian publishers and foreigner publishers in the 69th Frankfurt Book Fair are as follows:

  • Qoqnoos Publications

5 titles with Suhrkamp from German and Le Dilettante from France

  • Pol Literary Agency

3 titles with German publishers

7 titles with Algerian publishers

6 titles with Egyptian publishers

1 title with an American publisher

3 titles with North Korean publishers

3 titles with Kazakh publishers

2 titles with Georgian publishers

3 titles with British publishers

1 title with an Austrian publisher

Note: 11 titles by Asre Gooyesh Publications have been repeated in the stats of this agency

  • Shabaviz Publications

9 titles with North Korean publishers

30 titles with Chinese publishers

20 titles with Turkish publishers

6 titles with Malaysian publishers

3 titles with Thai publishers

  • Kia Literary Agency

Translation and Publication of 5 titles with Chinese publishers

  • Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies

4 titles with Indian publishers

  • Asre Gooyesh Publications

4 titles with Kazakh publishers

7 titles with British publishers

  • Candle and Fog Publications

Translation and Publication of 12 titles into English, French, Serbian and Chinese

  • Buraq Publications

25 titles

  • Nedaye Sina Publications

1 title with a German publisher

  • Iranshenasi Publications

3 titles