We will attempt to have a more pronounced attendance in the book fair

2017-05-14 08:40

Ian Biggs, the Australian ambassador in Tehran, in the event of unveiling a book titled ‘The Kangaroo Baby, the Red One, and the Cotton’ said, “Australia will attempt to have a more pronounced attendance in the next editions of the Tehran International Book Fair.”
Appreciating the attendance of the audiences in the event, Biggs presented a short history of Children’s book in Australia. Ha said, “Use of Australian local animals in children’s literature dates back to late nineteenth century. Children’s literature has an important role in teaching environmental issues to the children on Australia.”
In his account of famous children’s literary works in Australia, he said, “After the characters based on the local animals of Australia in the children’s literature, characters based on the local vegetation of this country were formed as well. In 1945, a centre for the children’s book was founded in Australia which has had an important role in the growth of Australian children’s literature through holding seminars, giving awards and inauguration of bookstores for children’s books.”
Biggs stated, “The experience that the writer of the book ‘The Kangaroo Baby, the Red One’ has had of the cotton farms in Australia and the kangaroos can be an appropriate introduction of the culture and economy of Australia. Cotton growing in Australia has the biggest share in the GDP of this country and we are the third biggest cotton exporting country in the world. Therefore, lives of many people in Australia are influenced by the cotton.”
In the end, he hoped that Australia will have a more pronounced attendance in the Tehran International Book Fair and this great event can be used to promote the cultural exchange between the two countries.