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Quest for Authors' Character Exploration at Tehran Book Fair

2024-05-18 16:19

During the thirty-fifth Tehran International Book Fair, we asked attendees: "Have you encountered any authors during the fair whom, after reading one of their works, you've decided to read all of their works?" We received diverse responses, indicating the significant impact of this grand cultural gathering.

Mohammad Reza, 35, Tehran:
"Yes, at the fair, I came across Ibrahim Golshan's books. His social and dynamic stories intrigued me. After reading one of his works, I decided to seek out his other works and get acquainted with him through them."

Sara, 28, Isfahan:
"Marjan Shirmohammadi was one of the authors I got familiar with through her books at the fair. Her writings on social issues were very captivating. Now, I intend to read all of her works and get acquainted with her world."

Amirhossein, 42, Shiraz:
"Simin Danshvar's romantic novels were appealing to me. After reading one of her works, I plan to read all of her books and I'm eager to explore her remaining works."

Leila, 30, Mashhad:
"Javad Mojabi was an author I discovered through his books. His perspective on contemporary Iranian history was very intriguing to me. Now, I plan to read all of his works and become familiar with his viewpoints."

Ahmad, 25, Tabriz:
"Mehdi Akhavan-Sales' works took me to an exciting world. From now on, I plan to read all of his works and get acquainted with his new poems."

These reports indicate that the Tehran International Book Fair, in addition to being an opportunity to purchase books, provides a chance for closer engagement with authors and the characters of their works. These connections can contribute to expanding the readership and promoting a culture of reading.

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