Mexican Ambassador to Iran

Tehran Book Fair is the Best Opportunity to Expand Cultural Relations

2024-05-18 15:22

Guillermo Puente Ordorica, the Mexican Ambassador to Iran, in an interview about the cultural relations between Iran and Mexico, stated that the cultural relations between the two countries are currently good, although there might be some challenges. He added, "We are looking to create more bridges of communication so that we can carry out more joint cultural activities."


Regarding Mexico's presence at the 35th Tehran International Book Fair, he said, "We have participated in this fair because it is the best place to form cultural relations, and all the participants are publishers and writers. Throughout the fair, we have the opportunity to establish lasting connections with them to expand the cultural activities of both countries."


Puente Ordorica spoke about the well-known Iranian books in Mexico, stating, "We see the most interest in the field of classical literature. Books like the Shahnameh, the works of Hafez, Saadi, Omar Khayyam, Parvin Etesami, and Rumi are well-known and popular in Mexico."


At the end of the interview, the Mexican Ambassador added, "I believe that the more we can increase cultural activities at this fair, the closer we will get to the fair's goals. These activities should include the participation of guest countries and more countries should be invited to the fair in the coming years. Additionally, foreign publishers should be invited to the fair, and more facilities should be provided to the participants."


Puente Ordorica emphasized that the Tehran Book Fair is an unparalleled opportunity to strengthen cultural relations between Iran and other countries, and he hopes that these interactions will increase and expand in the coming years.


The thirty-fifth period of the Tehran International Book Fair with the slogan "We Read, We Build" takes place in Imam Khomeini Mosalla from May 8 till May 18, and also online in .

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