At the Quatrain Reading Session

Khayyam, the Esteem of Persian Poetry and Literature

2024-05-18 13:26

Khayyam, the renowned and genius Iranian poet, made the quatrain famous worldwide. Many literary figures around the globe recall Khayyam when they hear the name Iran.

According to the news team of the 35th Tehran International Book Fair, the quatrain reading session was held on Friday, May 17, in the Literature Hall of the Shabestan at the Tehran International Book Fair. In this session, Qader Taravatpour, a poet and literary critic, said: "The use of everyday language in quatrain has occurred in our time. quatrain is the most challenging form of poetry, and besides Bidel Dehlavi and Hakim Omar Khayyam, other prominent poets and literati of our country have not had much success in quatrain."

He added: "Khayyam's multifaceted personality and his skill in composing quatrains have made him one of the prides of Persian poetry and literature. In fact, quatrain is the simplest form of poetry to translate. Moreover, after the emergence of Nimaic and free verse poetry, poets have once again turned to composing quatrains."

During this session, the poets present read their quatrain and Ghazal poems. Poets such as Komeil Reza-Zadeh, Ali Akbariyan, Seyyed Hossein Hejazi, Rabab Kalami, Bijan Arjmand, Emadeddin Rabbani, Fatemeh Kalantari, Ali Babajani, Dariush Azizi, Javad Cheraghi, and Hossein Pakzad recited their poems for the audience.

At the end of the session, the poetry book "Chargi" by Mohammad Reza Amini, the session's host, was unveiled.


The thirty-fifth period of the Tehran International Book Fair with the slogan "We Read, We Build" takes place in Imam Khomeini Mosalla from May 8 till May 18, and also online in .

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