Shaqayegh Alizadeh, Turkey booth operator:

Tehran Book Fair opportunity to exchange rights between international publishers

2023-05-20 14:35

The operator of the Turkish booth at the 34th Tehran International Book Fair said: Tehran Book Fair opportunity to exchange rights between international publishers.

In an interview with the news headquarter of the 34th Tehran International Book Fair, Shaqayegh Alizadeh, the operator of the Turkey booth, said: The Turkey booth has had many visitors compared to other booths.

She adds: Especially the book of Masnavi, which was brought from Turkey, attracted the attention of the visitors.

She says: In addition to public visitors, publishers also came to negotiate with Turkish publishers and contracts were signed in the field of publishing and translation, and they were able to establish a good relationship with Turkish publishers so that they could cooperate in the field of authoring and publishing. .

Regarding the issue of whether other countries have cooperated with the Turkish pavilion, she said: It happened very rarely.

Regarding the expansion of cooperation between publishers in the field of rights, she also says: Turkey has a project called TEDA, which translates their literature into the languages of different countries, and they believed that it would be nice if Iran did the same. That is, it translated Persian books into different languages and made them available to readers.

At the end, she says: Even the Turks suggested that Iran give some well-known books to Turkey for translation.

The 34th Tehran International Book Fair with the slogan “the future is to be read” started on the 10th of May and will continue until the 20th of May 2023 in the Mosque of Imam Khomeini and simultaneously on

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