Cultural Advisor of Indian Embassy in Iran:

Necessary to translate famous works of Iran into Hindi

2023-05-20 13:48

Balram Shukla stated that the translation of Iran's literary masterpieces into Hindi language is very few and says: Iran and India have many masterpieces that can be selected for translation and cultural exchanges and known to each other.

Balram Shukla, Cultural Advisor of Indian Embassy in Iran, in an interview with the news headquarter of the 34th Tehran International Book Fair, says: Indian people are very interested in poetry books by well-known Iranian poets, so that they memorize the poems of poets such as Mowlavi, Saadi, Hafez and Khayyam.

He adds: Since the translation of poetry books by Iranian poets into Hindi is scarce in India, the officials of both India and Iran should provide grounds for cultural exchange and strengthening of cultural diplomacy.

He says: In the translation of humanities books, especially Persian poetry, language and literature, books should be selected that can explain Iranian culture and civilization from all angles for the people of India.

Shukla continues: Iranians have great works in the field of humanities books and ancient Persian language, such as Mowlavi's poems, which can neutralize the negative propaganda of the West.

The cultural advisor of Indian Embassy in Iran says: Because of my interest in Jalāl al-Dīn Muḥammad Rūmī, I was able to translate 100 of his poems from Persian to Hindi for the first time. Currently, I am translating the book of Hafez's poetry from Persian to Hindi, which I think will be completed soon.

At the end, he says: Therefore, Iran and India have many advantages that can choose their literary masterpieces and works for translation and cultural exchanges and introduce them to each other.

The 34th Tehran International Book Fair with the slogan “the future is to be read” started on the 10th of May and will continue until the 20th of May 2023 in the Mosque of Imam Khomeini and simultaneously on

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