University of Sarajevo Professor;

We fought to preserve Persian language in Bosnia

2023-05-19 11:30

Monir Derkich says: The Persian language entered the Balkan region six hundred years ago in the context of Ottoman culture, and since the end of the 19th century when the Ottomans conquered the Balkan region, we had to preserve the Persian language for ourselves, even with conflicts and wars.

Munir Derkich; In an interview with the headquarter of the 34th Tehran International Book Fair, Iranologist and professor of Persian language and literature at the University of Sarajevo says: Cultural diplomacy allows governments to create a platform based on trust and mutual understanding where different nations can connect with each other.

He adds: In the field of strengthening cultural diplomacy between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Bosnia and Herzegovina, institutions in both countries can be activated through the Persian language and literature. From cultural consultants to embassies, governmental and non-governmental institutions, if their presence becomes prominent, we will take a step forward.

He continued: If we can provide the possibility of exchange between professors and students of Persian language and literature through these institutions, we have taken a very effective step in strengthening cultural diplomacy between Iran and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Monir Derkich said: I could not attend the Tehran Book Fair due to the negative publicity of the western media, and this year is the first time I am participating in this cultural event. In my opinion, cultural activities, including book fairs, are one of the very good and effective ways to expand and strengthen cultural diplomacy between countries.

He stated that the presence of the Iranian people at the Tehran Book Fair shows how much Iranians are fond of books and reading books, and emphasized: Unlike international book fairs in other countries, the Tehran Book Fair is very big. I hope that its international section will expand year by year and that we will be able to have a booth named Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Tehran Book Fair in the coming years. If this happens, people from more countries will visit Iran and the Tehran Book Fair.

The 34th Tehran International Book Fair with the slogan “the future is to be read” started on the 10th of May and will continue until the 20th of May 2023 in the Mosque of Imam Khomeini and simultaneously on

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